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Factory introduction

Yazd Tile Company, as the first manufacturer of floor tiles in Iran, has started its activity in the field of floor ceramic production since 1977,using the most modern machines in the world.From the beginning of the company’s senior managementactivity using modern machinery,expertise of experiencedexpertsand quality raw materials in the shadowof cooperation of intelligent staff.And the company has put the identification and satisfaction of the demands and needs of customers and their satisfaction on its agenda..Due to urban development and the location of the factory in the city limits, in order to comply with environmental issues since 1398, the factory to a new location It is located in Sefid Kooh industrial town and has started working as the memory tile of Yazd desert.Khatereh Kavir Yazd Tile Company has started working with the employment of 200 people and an annual capacity of 2,500,000, which will increase to 12,200,000 square meters per year with the launch of development lines..As in the past, the senior management of the organization, with the care of God Almighty, continuously improves the quality and offers more diverse products using the latest technology in the world. Has an opinion and always has a firm belief in meeting the demands and needs of customers and innovation in the field of ceramic tile production.