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Yazd Tile Products

Yazd Tile Company, as the first large brand of tile industry in the center and south of the country, was established about 50 years ago and to this day has always taken steps for quality growth, brand development and most importantly moving towards the latest technologies in this industry. Is .

The production cycle in this complex was initially focused on floor tiles and then covered a major share of the needs of the target market by offering a wide variety of products with a wide range of dimensions, designs and structures. Among the presentation of porcelain tiles in recent years using the most modern production line and with the participation of experts was another development in this field.

In the production of porcelain tiles in Yazd, apart from the quality and accuracy of production, local characteristics and tastes of domestic and foreign audiences have been addressed so that along with the growth of domestic sales, a lot of overseas demand was created on this group of products. We are derived from the executive originality and half a century of expensive experience in different industrial and commercial periods of Iran, and we have combined this experience and expertise with the taste of modern science and technology so that our audience can always see movement and growth in our new products. And of course, this has not been achieved except with the participation of successful sales representatives across the country who are the jewel of this circle and at the nearest border with the customer were responsible for introducing products and supporting, consulting and responding and have been complementing our production team for years.

We know our social responsibility that Yazd Tile Collection and all its affiliated brands in the short and long term in addition to being a leader, gain a larger share of international sales in the global market than tile, this ancient art associated with the name of Iran , To have more global reflection day by day